Deliveroo Records Healthy 200% Increase in Lunchtime Orders

As Deliveroo, the growing on-demand food delivery company, today celebrates four years in business, it reveals new figures that demonstrate how the platform is helping Irish restaurants win new customers and generate more revenue.

With more than 300 restaurant partners in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Belfast, restaurant owners have reported a sustained growth in meal orders driven by Deliveroo that has allowed them to hire more staff and open new premises on the back of increased demand.

New internal Deliveroo data covering all orders in Ireland in 2016 reveals one of the key trends driving this growth in restaurants: customers are embracing the idea that a takeaway isn’t just for Friday nights. In 2016, 12% of monthly orders shifted towards Mon-Thurs compared to the previous year, signaling a ‘smoothing out’ of food orders across the week. This customer trend was addressed by the launch of Deliveroo for Business last September, designed to simplify the process for companies ordering food for employees.

Deliveroo now partners with more than 300 restaurants in Ireland, from large chains such as Boojum and Wagamama, to small, independent outlets such as Rocket Man in Cork and Antica Venezia in Dublin. Orders grew by 650% worldwide in 2016, with the company adding new restaurants to the platform on a weekly basis and now delivering great food across five Irish towns and cities.

Deliveroo 35

Liam Keenan at Deliveroo said: “Deliveroo is on a mission to transform the way we eat in Ireland. We are 100% focussed on getting the very best food from the very best restaurants to customers across Ireland morning, noon and night, and we truly believe a corner has been turned in terms of when and what people expect to be able to access at the touch of a button.”

Restaurants partnering with Deliveroo can utilise their excess kitchen capacity to generate an increase of up to 30% in revenue without their own fleet of drivers and technology infrastructure, so our unique online delivery platform service is seen as a ‘win-win’. We’re proud to help hundreds of chefs grow their businesses and to create new job opportunities at local level. We’re getting massively positive feedback from restaurant and chefs and we’re excited about playing a leading role in driving innovation in food delivery”, Keenan added.

Elizabeth Iannelli, co-owner of Antica Venezia in Dublin said: Since coming on board with Deliveroo we have seen a steady increase in our business which is continuing to grow.  We can offer a speedier delivery service, especially when multiple orders are received as we are not relying on one driver. We’ve also found ourselves continuously investing across all sectors of the business, most recently with a new higher capacity pizza oven.”

Jack Crotty, owner of The Rocket Man, 38 Princes St, Cork: “When I first established the restaurant I wanted to be able to provide a viable delivery option to meet the demands of our growing customer base. Partnering with Deliveroo made perfect commercial sense as it provides me with a world-class online delivery service with none of the set-up costs. It’s easy to use, and has provided my business with the technological and labour capabilities that I would  not have been able to set-up myself, so it’s ideal for my business!”